»We use different OZONOS models in different rooms and areas of the Meyers Keller restaurant. We are very happy with the performance of the devices. Their modern design and easy operation make them perfect for our needs. We will be getting more OZONOS Aircleaners!«

»How great is the OZONOS! The only smelly thing in our kitchen is me occasionally. OZONOS gives us fresh air in the kitchen«

»At the Smile Clinic Salzburg, we use the OZONOS® system to disinfect bacterially or virally contaminated aerosol clouds produced during dental treatment. This actively protects our staff from illnesses.«

»We are delighted to be able to use OZONOS technology to give our customers, passengers and also employees not only safety, but also that extra bit of confidence around travel and health«

»We use the devices in the VIP area to provide additional safety for guests while attending the match. The fact that OZONOS eliminates bacteria, germs and viruses in the air is a huge added value in areas where crowds gather.«

»We purchased the OZONOS Aircleaner for our Alm Resort. Rooms free of germs and bacteria represent real added value for us. We will purchase more OZONOS AC-1s so that we can offer allergy-friendly rooms to our guests in the future.«

»We have introduced innovative technologies and implemented Marriott cleanliness programs. In addition to personnel training, our high-quality OZONOS air purifiers are not only beneficial against viruses, but also provide clean air for people suffering from allergies!«

»We use the OZONOS® Aircleaner in our treatment and waiting rooms to protect our patients more effectively from germs and bacteria. As well as this added protection, it also has the great side effect of eliminating odours throughout.«

»On set but also e.B. in common areas we cleaned the air with OZONOS devices. The OZONOS devices eliminate 99% of viruses and bacteria in the air and over 92% on surfaces. Our experience has been consistently positive. «

»We use two OZONOS units in our pharmacy to eliminate unpleasant odours and protect our staff in the public area against infection from germs, viruses and bacteria that are inevitably brought into the pharmacy by our customers/patients.«

Mag. Michael Baumgartner
"Die Apotheke Eugendorf"

»We have recently started using the OZONOS Aircleaner in our rooms at the Krabbelstube Kuschelkiste. The air quality (unpleasant odours) has noticeably improved, especially in the exercise and relaxation areas.«

»The air quality in my surgery has improved significantly since we started using OZONOS. It is especially noticeable in the waiting room. Even when there are a large number of patients, it doesn’t affect the climate in the room, and the reduction in germ levels is a major additional benefit for staff and patients.«

Dr. Susanne Obermann

»I have always had serious problems with my allergies. After a long search, I have finally found something that really helps and that I can trust: the OZONOS Aircleaner! Since having it by my side, my allergies don’t affect me anymore. I feel much more resilient and healthy with it!«

»In both our hotels, Neutor and Neutor Express in Salzburg, we have recently started using the OZONOS AC-I PRO device to eliminate unpleasant odours in our rooms and to offer our guests a more hygienic atmosphere in their rooms. We are already considering using OZONOS equipment in other areas. «