Operation and installation


The OZONOS® Aircleaner is particularly effective for combating pollen, pet hair and dust mite allergies. Ozone neutralizes the allergens that provoke allergic reactions in the body.

Natural concentrations of ozone do not have a negative effect on our health. The ozone values we encounter in everyday life are:

0,005 ppm average in living spaces
0.028 ppm average in downtown areas
0.03 ppm‎ ‎ ‎ average outdoors with sunshine
0.03 ppm human olfactory perception
0.048 ppm OZONOS® ( AC 1 Classic, measured 5 cm from device, not in ambient air)

Yes. The independent test laboratory HygCen performed extensive tests that reviewed and confirmed the effectiveness of OZONOS® in combating coronaviruses.


Ozone is a type of oxygen O that is made up of three oxygen atoms O₃ instead of two oxygen atoms (O₂ oxygen). The O₃ ozone molecule is naturally unstable, which is why it reacts with the next possible molecule that it can bond with. As soon as it finds a suitable partner, such as odor molecules, bacteria, viruses, allergens or spores, ozone reacts immediately with it (= oxidation).
When ozone runs out of suitable partners that it can react with, it quickly breaks back down into O₂ (oxygen) on its own.

The OZONOS generates ozone with ultraviolet radiation just like it is formed naturally. Our patented and TÜV-certified process copies the natural formation of ozone with a long-lasting UV-C lamp in order to entirely eliminate odors, germs and viruses.

All waste products decompose into dust or dissolve without leaving any residue. These are removed in households and businesses through regular cleaning.

Dr Richard Brunauer published a Scientific Evaluation of the OZONOS technology in November 2019. These questions and answers provide comprehensive scientific background information and reasons why the OZONOS Aircleaner works and is safe for humans and animals.

Download OZONOS FAQ and Scientific Background

OZONOS differs significantly from so-called ozone generators. Ozone generators use very high voltages to generate ozone and/or ionized air by means of electrical discharges (corona discharges). The latter are also called ionizers in trade. The disadvantage: Coronary loads produce toxic nitrogen oxides (NOX) in normal indoor air – the main pollutant of summer smog and in indoor air absolutely undesirable. In addition, the amount of ozone produced is much higher than, for example, OZONOS at 2.5 mg/h (model OZONOS AC I), which is usually more than 1,000 mg/h. The use of conventional ozone generators is only possible in a very controlled manner, from staying in the same room during cleaning is strongly discouraged. In contrast, OZONOS has been shown to be completely harmless to humans and animals and no harmful by-products are produced. For this he received TÜV certification and household appliance approval. The production of OZONOS Aircleaner is carried out in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 exclusively in Austria and is subject to strict controls. It is therefore not equivalent to harmful ozone generators.


No, because OZONOS ® products do not use filters at all, so they are completely maintenance-free.

The UV-C bulb usually lasts around 8,000 hours. After that, it becomes less effective and should be replaced. Assuming an average use of 8 hours a day, this will be no earlier than 3 years after purchase. You can purchase replacement bulbs in our shop. We always recommend that they be replaced by a specialist. However, an experienced DIYer will easily be able to replace the UV-C bulb. Please follow the operating instructions.

Option 1: You send us the Aircleaner and we replace the UV-Clamp. The cost is 49,- plus costs of the UV-C replacement lamp.

Option 2: We will send you the UV-C lamp and you change the lamp. Instructions can be found in the download area. Generally, we recommend that you consult a specialist. Should you or third parties replace the replacement lamp, we must inform you that the warranty granted by us will expire.

Operation and installation

OZONOS® entirely eliminates odors, airborne grease, viruses, bacteria, mold spores and allergens. It also neutralizes smoke, garbage and pet odors as well as unpleasant smells such as sweat or paint fumes. The OZONOS® is also an effective tool for combating vapors from furniture and carpets as well as smells from solvents.

We would recommend placing the OZONOS® as high as possible so it can effectively purify any air pushed up by thermal forces.

To free up space and optimize your room layout, you may want to mount the appliance with wall brackets. For optimal operation, we recommend a height of approximately two meters.

How long you should run your OZONOS® Aircleaner depends on the level of air pollution and the size of the room. The OZONOS® achieves an air flow rate of 55 m3 per hour. More information is available in the Use section.

OZONOS® Standard:

The standard OZONOS® models are sufficient for rooms up to 25 m².


For rooms between 20 and 40 m², we would recommend the Pro.
For rooms larger than 40 m², we recommend using two devices.


The time required to sterilise a given space or item depends on the temperature, humidity and concentration of reactive substances present. The time required and functionality are not dependent on room ventilation.

The OZONOS has an air flow rate of 55m3 per hour. The OZONOS can be used in rooms of up to 50m2 (at normal room height). The more central and higher the positioning, the more effective the OZONOS can work.

OZONOS AC STANDARD: For permanent use. In case of normal odour load and low bacterial, viral or germ load. Where? Allergy-friendly bedrooms, living rooms, smaller lounges, buses and motorhomes

OZONOS AC PRO: For quick and intensive cleaning. In case of intensive odours and high bacterial, viral or germ contamination. Where? Kitchens, offices, changing rooms, sales rooms, toilets, classrooms, doctor’s offices and waiting areas

OZONOS eliminates odours, aerosol fats, viruses, bacteria, mold spores and allergens. This makes it a versatile problem solver at home, at work and on the road.