OZONOS® is the world’s first air purifier that can neutralize not only odors in the air, but also allergens, viruses and mold spores. Its technology, which holds several patents and has been independently tested, can be used anywhere. Whether in food service, healthcare, offices or simply at home – this innovation reliably provides clean air.

OZONOS® Aircleaners

Inspired by nature

Thanks to their innovative UV-C technology, OZONOS® Aircleaners can be used in any space where fresh, clean air is needed.

Air purification in the food service industry

The OZONOS® PRO model effectively combats strong odors and airborne aerosol grease in kitchens in the food service and hotel industries.

Air purification in healthcare

In rooms that are purified with OZONOS®, coronaviruses are reduced by up to 99% in the air. Bacteria and germs are also neutralized in the air purification process.

Air purification at home

OZONOS® neutralizes allergens, viruses and mold spores. For a pleasant atmosphere with improved air quality in all rooms.

How it works

Ozonos eliminates coronaviruses

by up to 99 %*

in the air

by up to 92 %*

on surfaces
TÜV Certification logo TÜV certified

*The Aircleaner AC I was tested with an air flow rate of 55 m3/h with a 10% and 25% UV-C coating during a 24 h time period.


OZONOS® product feature overview

Continuous operation

The STANDARD version of the OZONOS® Aircleaner operates continuously to provide fresh air 24/7.

Eliminates allergens

Up to 90% of the allergens from pollen and household dust are removed from living rooms and bedrooms.

Premium design

The sleek, minimalist design ensures a cohesive look in any living space. This is also why the HAILEY floor lamp received the Red Dot Design Award.

App control

The OZONOS® SMART can also be programmed from afar with an app. This includes the option of set operating times and automatic shutdown.


Setting up and controlling the OZONOS® SMART is easy and intuitive thanks to it being connected directly to the Wi-Fi.

Faster and more intensive

For use in professional settings, an upgrade to PRO is an option to boost performance when needed.


The OZONOS® Aircleaner is particularly effective for combating pollen, pet hair and dust mite allergies. Ozone neutralizes the allergens that provoke allergic reactions in the body.

Yes. The independent test laboratory HygCen performed extensive tests that reviewed and confirmed the effectiveness of OZONOS® in combating coronaviruses.

OZONOS eliminates odours, aerosol fats, viruses, bacteria, mold spores and allergens. This makes it a versatile problem solver at home, at work and on the road.

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