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Fresh air in an appealing design

Fresh air in an appealing design

The patented air purifier from OZONOS®

OZONOS® is in a league of its own with its innovative air cleaning technology, as it operates entirely without filters. While a conventional air purifier relies on filters, an OZONOS® Aircleaner is based on unique UV-C technology, effectively eliminating bacteria, viruses, allergens and odors. It therefore provides a filter-free, efficient and sustainable solution for clean air.

Air purification inspired by nature

The patented UV-C technology of an OZONOS® Aircleaner replicates the natural purification processes of nature: The high energy of incoming UV-C rays breaks down the oxygen molecules in the air. Each oxygen atom is set free to bond with another O2 molecule, forming O3 (ozone) –

and this is the natural process that inspired OZONOS®. The air in the room is sucked into the air purifier by a fan. Inside the OZONOS® Aircleaner, a highly durable UV-C light assumes the role of the sun. As ozone molecules are naturally unstable, they attempt to reach a stable state by reacting with the first available molecule, forming a compound. This physical property of ozone enables OZONOS® to do its job. It reacts with odors, fats, acids (such as sweat), viruses, bacteria and allergens. In this way, the device effectively neutralizes such substances and then feeds the purified air back into the surrounding environment. This basic principle has always worked well in nature and can therefore be used safely in your own home.

The first ozone air purifier for home use

Ozone has often been associated with bad news, such as the ozone hole which allows harmful ultraviolet radiation to reach the Earth’s surface. Also, it is often seen as an environmental hazard that is classified as toxic or indeed similar to smog.

However, this is a rather biased perspective, as ozone is one of nature’s most potent natural cleaning agents that is already being used in industry and commerce with great success – for instance, in water treatment, odor control, and the cleaning of industrial plants. Ozone-based technology can be found in dairies, sewage treatment plants, hospitals, the food industries, swimming pools and biogas treatment facilities.

The OZONOS® Aircleaner is the first product to “gently” tap into this potential for domestic use, while also being elegant, safe, noiseless and adaptable. This is precisely the special innovative strength of its patented technology, making the OZONOS® Aircleaner a truly special product.

Verified protection from coronaviruses and allergens

OZONOS® is perfect for allergy sufferers and anyone who is health-conscious, providing a strong defense against infections and enhancing our quality of life by reducing odors.

The innovative UV-C technology of the OZONOS® AC I Classic has been certified by the German Technical Inspection Association TÜV.

Moreover, independent test labs, e.g., HygCen, have conducted extensive assessments, confirming that OZONOS® effectively eliminates coronaviruses.

Also, the accredited test lab OFI (Austrian Research and Testing Institute) has confirmed that OZONOS® demonstrably reduces allergens by up to 90%.