AC I Classic Standard

AC I Classic Standard
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Remote control
Continuous use
The OZONOS® Aircleaners are a reason to take a deep, relaxed breath. They provide fresh air continuously in the spaces we live in by neutralizing viruses, allergens, mold spores and other harmful substances in the air.
OZONOS® AC I CLASSIC is the mobile and reliable model for thorough air purification. The Aircleaner is extremely versatile – it eliminates odors, viruses, bacteria and allergens in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or any other space. Thanks to its sleek design, it can be quickly set up anywhere and is ready to use with just the push of a button.
OZONOS® Aircleaners remove pollutants from the air that we would rather not inhale. They use a process that is also found in nature. The innovative and patented UV-C technology found inside is used to effectively combat not only odors, viruses, germs and bacteria, but also allergens and mold spores. The effectiveness of OZONOS® air purification has been certified by TÜV and extensively tested by independent institutions. OZONOS® Aircleaners can be used in your home, in the office or on the go – ensuring fresh, clean air so you can breathe freely.
Package contents:

1x OZONOS AC I, 1x mounting base, 1x remote control, 1x mounting instructions, 1x power cable

More Information
Weight 3.16 kg
Features (Tags) Remote control, Continuous use, Lamp
Variant Standard
Power consumption 14 Watt
Ozone concentration 0.048 ppm
UV-C coating 10%
UV-C lamp 1 x 8 Watt
Power supply 230 Volt
Width 130 mm
Height 130 mm
Length 400 mm
UVC coating: 10%
Ozone concentration: 0.048 ppm
Perfect for private use in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens exposed to normal odor levels. 24 hour operation possible.
UVC coating: 25%
Ozone concentration: 0.115 ppm
For public use, such as in offices or doctor’s offices. Service life with people in the room for a maximum of eight hours with a room volume of 50 m3.

*The OZONOS AC I Pro and AC II Pro are not designed for 24/7 operation in which people are constantly in the same room. Our recommendation is to not remain in the room non-stop for more than eight hours while the device is on. OZONOS AC I Pro and AC II Pro are particularly well-suited for professional use and for more rapid and intense purification.