UV-C Replacement Lamp AC II Standard

The LAMP with a 10% UV-C coating serves as a replacement part for the STANDARD version of the OZONOS® AC II SMART Aircleaner. It impresses with its particularly long service life and takes just a few simple steps to change. The lower ozone concentration makes it suitable for continuous use.
UV-C lamp with 10 % coating for your OZONOS AC II.
Package contents:

UV-C Replacement Lamp

More Information
Weight 0.04 kg
Features (Tags) Lamp
Variant Standard
Power consumption 14 Watt
Ozone concentration 0.048 ppm
UV-C coating 10%
UV-C lamp 1 x 8 Watt
Width 18 mm
Height 18 mm
Length 210 mm
UVC coating: 10%
Ozone concentration: 0.048 ppm
Perfect for private use in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens exposed to normal odor levels. 24 hour operation possible.
UVC coating: 25%
Ozone concentration: 0.115 ppm
For public use, such as in offices or doctor’s offices. Service life with people in the room for a maximum of eight hours with a room volume of 50 m3.

*The OZONOS AC I Pro and AC II Pro are not designed for 24/7 operation in which people are constantly in the same room. Our recommendation is to not remain in the room non-stop for more than eight hours while the device is on. OZONOS AC I Pro and AC II Pro are particularly well-suited for professional use and for more rapid and intense purification.