We believe that the air we breathe has an immediate impact on our well-being. It affects our health everywhere we go – at home, at work and also when out on the go. That is exactly why we developed the OZONOS® Aircleaner as a product that is both functional and aesthetic and improves the air right where we are at that very moment. The Aircleaner reduces viruses, bacteria, allergens and odors – leaving behind nothing but clean, fresh air. For healthy indoor air quality where everyone can feel safe and well taken care of.

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Interesting facts
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The story behind the OZONOS® Aircleaner

How an idea turned into a vision

The founding of OZONOS® GmbH

An innovative invention hits the market. As the first air purifier to utilize UV-C technology for private use, OZONOS® receives its TÜV certification.

Stronger and faster air purification

The demand is high, which is why the OZONOS® CLASSIC is quickly upgraded to the more powerful PRO version.

Product innovations: OZONOS® STELLA and HAILEY

A growing network of partners establishes OZONOS® as a complementary product for extractor fans for wholesale and retail trade. STELLA combines the look of a ceiling light with functional air purification. The HAILEY designer floor lamp receives the Red Dot Design Award.

The scope of application for OZONOS® expands

With the start of the pandemic, air purifiers become more important than ever before. The effectiveness of OZONOS® technology for fighting coronaviruses is tested and confirmed by the accredited HygCen test laboratory.

OZONOS® goes international

“Made in Austria” quality is now also in demand globally. In addition to Asia, Eastern Europe and the Gulf States, the OZONOS® distribution area expands to the USA, Canada and Mexico.

The second generation of the OZONOS® Aircleaner

The next era begins for OZONOS®. The SMART model impresses with intuitive control via a touch display and app.

The future begins with OZONOS®

In a world with a greater awareness concerning health, clean air has become an absolute must. OZONOS® works tirelessly on turning its vision into reality – clean air should become the norm. Our goal is for as many people as possible to benefit not only from purified air, but also from improved indoor air quality.


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E frischluft@ozonos.com

OZONOS Switzerland GmbH
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