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Natural air purification with OZONOS®

Natural air purification with OZONOS®

In harmony with nature

With OZONOS®, sustainability is at the very heart of our commitment to you.

Inspired by the unparalleled efficiency of nature, we’ve developed OZONOS® which will supply your home with clean air similar to nature. Our innovative technology emulates the natural purification processes of our planet and helps to minimize your ecological footprint.

We very much believe that a mindful approach to our environment and resources is crucial for a healthy and responsible lifestyle. An OZONOS® Aircleaner is a step in this direction because it purifies the indoor air while at the same time respecting the natural processes of the environment.

Quality made in Austria

To uphold the highest benchmarks of quality and safety, we manufacture our OZONOS® Aircleaners in Austria. At the same time, we’re deeply committed to sustainability, which means short transportation routes and playing a constructive role in climate protection. By producing locally, we can reduce our environmental footprint while delivering superior products that meet the needs of our customers.

Proven quality for a long product life

Our goal is to make your home a better place – both for yourself and for the environment. With OZONOS®, you can breathe confidently, knowing you’re inhaling clean, fresh air while also helping to protect our natural resources. It’s our mission to ensure that all the different parts of our air purifiers are designed to last. This commitment extends to the heart of all ourOZONOS® products – the UV-C lamp with its service life of at least 8,000 hours as a lasting and reliable solution for clean air.

Filter-free technology
Others use filters – OZONOS® neutralizes

Many other air purifiers use HEPA and activated carbon filters to remove dirt particles from the air. Such filters need to be replaced at regular intervals, resulting in costs and additional waste. By contrast, our OZONOS® Aircleaners work without filters, providing a good alternative that is cost-effective and produces less waste.

Are air purifiers power guzzlers?

Air purifiers are often seen as using a lot of electricity. However, a comparison between traditional extractor hoods and OZONOS® Aircleaners shows that we offer a clear advantage. When operated for three hours a day, an extractor hood uses about 1,038.48 kWh per year, whereas an OZONOS® Aircleaner only consumes 15.33 kWh. Unlike an extractor hood, OZONOS® doesn’t first extract the air and then reheat the room. Instead, it effectively purifies the existing air in the room, which has a positive impact on energy consumption.