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How an air purifier turned into a vision

The OZONOS® story – told by its inventor, Thomas Brunauer

How an air purifier turned into a vision

OZONOS® started with a simple idea that grew over the years and eventually became a vision to improve air quality for everyone. Clean, fresh air should be the standard, and that’s our ongoing mission – a mission which inspired us to craft a product that is now celebrated for its superior design and functionality. OZONOS® Aircleaners are engineered for a contemporary lifestyle, because all of us need to take a deep breath from time to time.

Air purification inspired by nature

The idea for today’s OZONOS® came to me through my work as an interior designer, when I realized the limitations of an extractor fan. In my search for an odor removal method that was both effective and visually appealing, I discovered an amazingly simple solution: air purification through ozone, modeled on the natural world.

To bring my vision to life, I teamed up with a manufacturer who helped me feed purified air back into a room via a fan and a UV-C lamp. This was the prototype of today’s product, the OZONOS® Aircleaner, and so I started installing my invention as an exclusive feature in my customers’ kitchens.

A perfect tip from experts: OZONOS® Aircleaners

Although this innovative air purifier wasn’t available in shops at the time, it soon attracted a dedicated fan base. Without a single exception, all customers who had this product in their kitchens gave positive feedback.

Among them was Fredy Scheucher who first came across this solution during a joint project and who eventually served as a director at OZONOS® until February 2024. This is what he said at the time: “I was skeptical at first. But one morning, when I walked into the kitchen and found nothing but fresh air after a night of cooking, I just knew: This device is a must-have for every household!”

Fresh air for everyone

From that moment we had a very clear vision: OZONOS® should be within the reach of a wider public, because everyone deserves to enjoy fresh air.

Working together, we started an extensive testing phase to secure all the patents, certifications and authorizations required for the product launch. With each round of testing conducted by independent agencies, it became increasingly obvious to us that our OZONOS® Aircleaners had far more potential than we’d initially realized.

Not only did the Aircleaner absorb unpleasant odors and airborne grease in kitchens, but independent tests confirmed that OZONOS® also neutralized pollen, house dust, pet hair and allergens, bringing major relief to allergy sufferers. It also removes mold spores, a potential hazard we may not even be aware of.

However, the vital importance of OZONOS® only became apparent when the whole world was holding its breath.

OZONOS® Aircleaners offer effective protection against coronaviruses.

COVID-19 presented global healthcare systems with challenges it had never known before. An invisible menace was spreading mainly through the air, adding a whole new dimension to the importance of air purification. In-depth tests revealed that OZONOS® is effective against bacteria, germs and viruses, including COVID-19. With a 99% reduction in airborne coronaviruses, OZONOS® plays a crucial role in mitigating the risk of infection.

Fans include professional soccer players, celebrity chefs and corporate CEOs

My long-time friend Niko Kovač is one of the first users of OZONOS®. The coach and former professional footballer joined OZONOS® as a shareholder in 2020. The connection between good, clean air and human health is his main motivation. Since then, Niko and I have not only been friends, but also business partners on our successful journey together.

Roland Trettl, a celebrity chef, had always spent a large part of his working life in a kitchen. During the various lockdowns, however, he used an OZONOS® Aircleaner for the first time, and its efficiency made a lasting impression on him. Like others, he moved from being a dedicated customer to a brand ambassador and shareholder, remaining part of our team until November 2023.

Another former soccer player and early supporter who became an OZONOS® shareholder was Christian Fürstaller. He was so excited about the product and its efficiency that he, too, decided to become involved in its success. With his many years of experience as CEO of a multinational company, he has the vital expertise and knowledge to support our ongoing development of OZONOS®.

Since then, the product family of OZONOS® Aircleaners has grown significantly. In addition to the standard model, there are now several versions and variations that address numerous different requirements. However, one thing is still the same: the process of making indoor air as fresh and pleasant as nature.