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When a deep breath becomes a sigh of relief

When a deep breath becomes a sigh of relief

Healthy indoor air quality

Breathing means living.
Breathing clean air means good health and well-being.

We spend up to 90% of our lives indoors. Yet the air quality is rarely what it should be.

Good health starts with a healthy indoor environment and the confidence that you’re breathing clean air. We breathe 24 hours a day. That’s why we developed the OZONOS® – to help you improve the air in your daily environment. We believe that the air we breathe has a direct impact on the quality of our lives and our health.

As well as reducing airborne mold spores, viruses, bacteria, germs, allergens and odours, it also disinfects surfaces. With OZONOS®, you can be sure you are breathing clean air every day, which has a positive impact on your health and well-being.

OZONOS® reduces allergens by up to 90%

Every third person suffers from allergies caused by pollen, pet hair or dust mites, often with a severe impact on their quality of life and daily well-being, whether at rest or active. Allergens can be particularly troublesome at night, as they often disrupt your sleep. With an OZONOS® Aircleaner, you can purify your bedroom thoroughly before bedtime and look forward to a good night’s rest.

An OZONOS® is both quiet and efficient and can therefore be used for long periods of time. By neutralizing allergens that provoke allergic reactions, it significantly alleviates symptoms at home, even during the daytime.

Why is OZONOS® so good at combating allergies?

Allergies are commonly triggered by pollen (from plants), pet hair, dust mites (from animals), and spores (from fungi and mold). As the vast majority of allergens are proteins and therefore identified by the human body as foreign agents, they cause an immune response to combat them. This process is known as an allergic reaction. Ozone O3 is an unstable compound that reacts particularly strongly with proteins and therefore also with allergens. The proteins undergo various modifications, such as envelope breakage or surface alteration, so that they lose their original function and become inactive. Alongside proteins, ozone also reacts with fats.

OZONOS® Aircleaners neutralize odors

Today’s growing preference for an open-plan design presents a challenge, as it frequently results in the unwelcome dissemination of kitchen odors throughout the entire living space. OZONOS® is an effective solution that thoroughly neutralizes such odors. Furthermore, it removes airborne grease, which improves kitchen hygiene. OZONOS® Aircleaners are highly effective and come in a variety of designs that seamlessly fit into any interior environment.

Use an OZONOS® Aircleaner for clean, healthy and hygienic air.

The air purifier has a wide range of applications for a clean and healthy indoor environment. It neutralizes smoke as well as garbage and pet odors and indeed any other unpleasant smells such as sweat and paint. It also removes vapors from furniture and carpets and smells from solvents.

Thanks to its compact size, an OZONOS® Aircleaner can be used wherever there are gatherings of people that pose a heightened risk of airborne infection. This is especially reassuring in public settings such as offices, doctors’ surgeries and hotels, where OZONOS® Aircleaners help to remove airborne pathogens, creating a fresh indoor environment.

First-hand success stories: Customer reviews of OZONOS® Aircleaners
Dr. Susanne Obermann, Salzburg, Austria

“The air quality in my surgery has improved significantly thanks to an OZONOS® Aircleaner. This is particularly noticeable in the waiting room. Even when there are large numbers of patients, the room climate remains unaffected, and the reduced germ count significantly benefits both staff and patients.”

Jockl Kaiser, award-winning chef and restaurant manager, Meyers Keller, www.jockl-kaiser.de, Germany

We use several different models of OZONOS® Aircleaners in different rooms and parts of the Meyers Keller restaurant, and we’re extremely happy with the results. Their contemporary design and simple operation make them an excellent choice for our needs. We’re planning to buy a few more OZONOS® Aircleaners now.”

Johannes Prem, EC Red Bull Salzburg, www.ecrbs.redbull.com, Austria

“We use these air purifiers in the VIP section, where they give our guests some added peace of mind during ice hockey matches. The elimination of airborne bacteria, germs and viruses by OZONOS® is a major added benefit wherever there are large concentrations of people.”

Magdalena Lobnig, European rowing champion and two-time bronze medalist at world championships, www.magdalenalobnig.at, Austria

“Dealing with my allergy has always been rather difficult. After a long search, I have finally found something that really helps and that I can rely on: an OZONOS® Aircleaner. Ever since I started using it, my allergy no longer bothers me. I feel a lot more balanced and healthier now.”

Timo Berges, First Production Manager at Warner Bros, www.warnerbros.com, Germany

“Ever since we installed OZONOS® Aircleaners in different TV studios, our entire on-set team have noticed an improvement in well-being. Also, as employers, we feel confident that our staff and contractors now have even better protection against Covid-19 while filming. And of course OZONOS® has made the air feel much fresher in our studios.”

Mario Eichehardt, Alm Ressort Nassfeld, www. almresort-nassfeld.com, Austria

“Having bought OZONOS® Aircleaners for our Alpine resort, we believe it adds unparalleled value to a room, as it removes germs and bacteria from it. So we’re going to buy quite a few more OZONOS® Aircleaners for use in various guestrooms that will be earmarked for allergy sufferers.”